Kochlöffel – DIY höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch


Just a DIY height adjustable table for less than 100 €.

Looking for a manual height adjustable table, Johannes, the founder of studio JoHey!, couldn’t find one that wasn’t either super slow (Swedish budget solution), soul less looking or way to expensive. So he decided to build a setup himself out of accessible parts and buildable without a proper workshop. The result is “Kochlöffel” version 1.0, which also serves as spare parts in case of a pasta alarm or a drink shortage.

In case you find can relate to the unsatisfying situation, feel free to use the Kochlöffel design, improve it and adjust it to your needs. I’d be curious what you come up with. Hint: It also works with chop sticks. Forks and knifes are not recomended 😉

You can dowonload the STL-files here.

Here you can watch how it is build (kind off).

More Infos on the parts and the tools can be found here.

And since this is an open source project, feel free to improve the parts and give feedback!